A Renters’ Bill of Rights

There are few things in Denver that could impact so many aspects of the economy as much as changing the power dynamic between tenants and landlords.  So many of our homeless can’t find a place to live because they have an eviction on their record, and those things stay on there like bad credit.  It seems like all the cards are in the hands of the landlords and we have thousands of people in Denver seeking housing which makes tenants even more desperate.  The tenants don’t have any choice but to go along with whatever the landlord does or seek other housing, which may land them right back in a similar situation.

That’s what I’m introducing my Renters’ Bill of Rights.  It changes the time from when a rent payment is late and when a landlord can evict a tenant from 3 days to 7.  That gives a tenant time to get paid at the end of the week and hopefully make their rent payment, or find another arrangement.  In addition, currently a landlord needs to give a tenant only 10 days notice before raising the rent.  I want to change that to 60 days to give people the ability to find another place to live or get the money to pay for the new price.   Between these two changes I think we can really give tenants some standing to deal with their landlords and prevent unwarranted evictions.

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