“Dear John” to Amazon

Dear Amazon, It’s not you, it’s us. Well that’s not true, it’s you too. You see, we don’t really need you.  We’re a free spirited, independent state and we have been for some time.  We have somebody already. Actually, we have a lot of somebodies. We have too many somebodies, to be frank. Our biggest […]

Can Our Servicemembers Trust Donald Trump if Captured?

SGT La David Johnson’s convoy was caught in a complex ambush in Niger on October 4th, 2017 by members of an ISIS allied terrorist cell.  In the resulting firefight his convoy, which was made up of mostly up-armored pickup trucks, tried desperately to get out of the kill zone and left his body behind.  An […]

Could California Fires Mean More Growth for Colorado?

Thousands of people are displaced in the latest batch of California wildfires, with entire communities going up in flames.  40 people are dead, and countless homes are gone.  What this could mean for the people of California is only hypothetical at this point, but as I was canvassing yesterday one of our residents had an […]

No Freeze-Out in Denver

I’ve lived all over (can’t avoid that being in the Army) and one thing that you encounter in some places is what’s known as the “Freeze-Out”.  It’s big in Seattle, especially.  It’s where you move somewhere and you just can’t seem to integrate because people aren’t especially welcoming or, if it’s not that, then there’s […]

Growth, Amazon and 50,000 More People

Colorado is the second fastest growing state in the U.S.  Rent is up 33% over the last 5 years, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.  The cost of the average house is going up even faster.  A house that cost $190k in 2009 is going for $398k now (Zillow) and […]

Immigrants Help Make America Great

When I was a Detachment Commander in Afghanistan I had a guy in my Det named Reinaldo.  He was a Brazilian immigrant who had grown up in a monastery and then decided that the monastic life wasn’t for him (he liked girls too much) and joined the Brazilian Special Forces.  Apparently that wasn’t hardcore enough […]


Welcome to my page.  I know, it’s a bit new and scary but I promise we’ll get through it together.  Thanks for checking out what I have to say, and I know I can get a bit wordy but I promise it’s worth it.  I’ve got a lot of things to talk about on the […]