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A Comprehensive Guide to Arguing for Gun Control

Every time there’s a mass shooting the Right Wing trolls take to the internet in droves to push their gun fetishes with slogans no longer than what can fit on a bumper sticker that are supposed to be irrefutable arguments against gun control, so here are their arguments and some simple counter arguments to make […]

My Story: Who I Am

Every person running for office will tell you that they grew up middle class, whether they’re Paul Ryan or Nancy Pelosi, whether they grew up with a trust fund and buildings at college campuses named after their family or they were actually in a modest 2-story house with parents who worked 9-to-5 jobs.  I, however, […]

TABOR: How a Tax Evasion Scam is Still Hurting Our State

TABOR, or the “Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights” makes Colorado unique for having the most restrictive tax legislation in the country.  We have one of the strongest economies in the U.S., but we have some of the worst roads and infrastructure and our state’s budget is 48th in comparison to our economy.  In fact CDOT hasn’t […]

Even the Taliban Hate Powerpoint

I had just arrived in Afghanistan with my Tactical MISO Detachment in Herat City and my predecessor was showing me around.  We were out with our Provincial Adviser Team (PAT) at a Taliban Reconciliation Ceremony.  So my replacement, Ethan, and I showed up with our interpreter at the ceremony to find ourselves and our PAT […]

A Renters’ Bill of Rights

There are few things in Denver that could impact so many aspects of the economy as much as changing the power dynamic between tenants and landlords.  So many of our homeless can’t find a place to live because they have an eviction on their record, and those things stay on there like bad credit.  It […]

Neighborhood Power

Since the November elections I’ve learned about a great leader in this country: Danica Roem.  She’s the transgender woman who won a state Delegate race in Virginia against a vehemently anti-trans incumbent and she’s become a hero of mine.  Not because she ran as a trans woman against a horrible bigot, or that her inspirational […]

Healthcare for All: It Works

My brother was recently in Ecuador visiting his husband’s family.  While they were there they went on a bike ride where he managed to go tumbling headfirst over the handlebars and break his hand.  Of course he was worried about going to the doctor because he didn’t want to lose a whole day of their […]

Sexual Harassment: Actually Pretty Simple

Sexual abuse is a simple subject: don’t.  If you see a woman who’s wearing a great dress and she’s really rocking it, there’s actually no need to cat-call her.  If you see a man at a concert who has a great chest it’s really not ok to just go up and grab it.  If someone […]