Could California Fires Mean More Growth for Colorado?

Thousands of people are displaced in the latest batch of California wildfires, with entire communities going up in flames.  40 people are dead, and countless homes are gone.  What this could mean for the people of California is only hypothetical at this point, but as I was canvassing yesterday one of our residents had an interesting point.  She believed that many California residents could end up moving to Colorado.  I’d like to delve into that a bit more.

When entire communities are destroyed, it does become more difficult to rebuild in the same spot that one lived.  It’s easier to uproot and move, and Colorado is an ideal location to move to with its incredibly low unemployment, good climate and great lifestyle.  In addition, most of the fires are in the Napa valley area which has incredibly high home values, meaning that the insurance money many of the residents will receive will put them in good stead to find something comparable in the Denver market, where home prices -although they’re high for us- are comparably low.

We Coloradans may be about to see quite a few new faces coming out of the flames of California.  I propose that we welcome them to our state, and continue the fight to build enough housing to accommodate everyone in Colorado who calls this their home.

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